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My plan is to use the boat to fish for pan fish and walleye.

The main objective in my conversion was to create a large, flat, and sturdy deck area in the middle of the boat to stand on and cast from. You need to keep the size of the boat in mind when answering these questions.

After a few minutes of settling, water in the fuel will be indicated by layering, like oil and vinegar, of the fluid in the jar. Safety First Never throw solvent-soaked rags, such as might be used while bottom-painting, in the trash. Instead, place them in a metal bucket, glass jar or coffee can before disposal. Ground Found To check for a faulty fuel gauge, “ground out” the circuit by placing a screwdriver shaft (or other conductor) across the terminals on the sending unit.

If after you do so the gauge needle moves to “full,” the gauge is good and the sender is bad; if the needle doesn’t move, the gauge needs to be replaced or the wires are bad. Hammer Time While you can use a block of wood and a hammer to remove/reinstall “bearing buddies” and grease caps on your trailer’s wheel hubs, a rubber mallet is the right tool for the job — less clumsy to use and leaves one hand free. Push, Push, Push For cleaner caulk lines, use a cartridge gun, not toothpaste-style tubes, and always push rather than pull the gun. Move It or Lose It If your trailer is used only for spring launch and fall haul, make sure to move it a few feet once in a while to prevent the bearings from taking a set; alternatively, jack it up and spin the wheels once in a while.

The winter season is showing its teeth right about now — but that’s no reason to let your boat collect dust.

For me this was the middle bench, two cheap plastic cup holders and a box the previous owner had build for the battery.Pettit’s 15095 de-waxer ( a quart, is one of several commercially available de-waxers, and in a pinch, you can use acetone. Snap Vigil A candle or a white crayon makes lubricating canvas and cushion zippers and snaps...a snap. Sticky Fingers Use masking tape while caulking fixtures to produce a clean, crisp bead; “round” corners can be taped by applying small pieces of tape at increasing angles across the corner radius.Rub the tape edges with a thumbnail or screwdriver butt to ensure that no caulk gets underneath. Breathe Easy Does the engine stall inexplicably after getting under way? Before tearing apart fittings and hose, perform this quick and easy check: Open the fuel fill cap and run the boat (when it’s not raining, and on calm water so no spray will get in the tank).The materials needed will differ from mine depending on your boat size and your design.Remove everything you can remove from the boat (gas tank, anchor, battery, ropes, gear, ect...).

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Lock the pliers on the nut, and then apply a wrench or screwdriver to the fastener’s head.

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