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The first recorded Town meeting was held in April 1765.

In 1788, Orange county was subdivided into numerous townships, thus producing the town of "New Cornwall." The town's name was subsequently changed from "New Cornwall" to "Cornwall" in 1797. It became a summer resort because of the natural beauty of the river, its mountain vistas, scenic trails, fresh country air and convenience to New York City via riverboat or railroad.

Hiking, rowing, swimming, fishing, hunting and biking all contributed to the development in the area of summer camps as well as the notion of the summer vacation. Archer Clark built the Italianate building to house his butcher shop around 1875, after an 1870 fire destroyed his earlier quarters.

It would continue in existence in that building for a century.

The Town was founded in 1788 as New Cornwall, which was changed in 1797 to Cornwall.

Luke's Cornwall Hospital, a part of the Montefiore Health System, are situated within walking distance of downtown. When the explorer Henry Hudson visited the region in 1609 the land was occupied by the Waoraneck Indians.

After the Civil War, summer boarders from New York City began coming to Cornwall, and Brooks quickly adapted it for use as a boardinghouse.

Its location, near Schunemunk Mountain made it a desirable location for the summer boarders who made Cornwall a popular resort community in the late 19th century.

The Oliver Brewster House is a Gothic Revival home located on Willow Avenue, across from Willow Avenue Elementary School.

It was originally built as a farmhouse in the mid-19th century.

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