Battery icon not updating dating a heavy set man

It may not be necessary on some newer devices, however.

If you’re taking proper care of your laptop’s battery, you should be allowing it to discharge somewhat before plugging it back in and topping it off.

This is a high priority of ours, as we realize the inconvenience, and the misunderstanding it can cause customers. I've had two indoor cameras stop working completely a day after a status reading as OK.

I am guessing the voltage just dropped off too suddenly for the health check to catch it. This is the most logical explanation I've been given so far, and I appreciate it.

These tools will usually just make sure your laptop has a full battery, disable power management settings, and allow the battery to run to empty so the battery’s internal circuitry can get an idea of how long the battery lasts.

Check your laptop manufacturer’s website for information on using any utilities they provide.

I just happened to notice that the camera had stopped working - This is the norm. I don't mind stock-piling batteries for cameras in high traffic areas, but I don't understand why Blink can't fix this problem. If you get no system notification of low battery strength, batteries could die at high-risk times when you need them the most.

I have reported this to you on multiple occasions, and have gotten answers ranging from"we're working on it," to " it should be fixed, we'll report your problem." Never a good answer and never a fix. I've had my cams since March 2016 and the batteries are still going strong. If the batteries deplete to level where it can no longer communicate to our server, this could result in battery indicator reading 'OK' when the battery power level is actually low.Some modern devices may not require battery calibration at all.For example, Apple recommends battery calibration for older Macs with user-replaceable batteries, but says it’s not required for modern portable Macs with built-in batteries.You shouldn’t be allowing your laptop’s battery to die completely each time you use it, or even get extremely low.Performing regular top-ups will extend your battery’s life.

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