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Spirulina is similar to cyanobacteria in structure, which can be toxic.

Both have a spiral shape, unlike true plant plankton.

Spirulina Blue- Green algae are recognized by the "body" (fish in particular) as a bacterium, causing an increase in antibodies, which in turn increases disease resistance.

Spirulina is not Chlorella; Chlorella is a green micro-algae and does not have the same anti-viral, anti-cancer and immune stimulating properties of Spirulina.

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae is a related algae found in Klamath Lake Oregon (see References).

Like Spirulina, this Klamath Lake blue green algae has been shown to be very nutritionally dense, diverse and absolutely non-toxic.

Spirulina provides phycocyanin, a source of biliverdin which is among the most potent of all intra-cellular antioxidants.

Spirulina is a powerful tonic for the immune system.

In scientific studies of mice, hamsters, chickens, turkeys, cats and fish, Spirulina consistently improves immune system function.

The Chlorella cell wall is made of indigestible cellulose, just like green grass, WHILE the cell wall of Spirulina is made of complexed proteins and sugars.

As noted, Spirulina has a soft cell wall made of complex sugars and protein, and is different from most other algae in that it is more easily digested.

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