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Aren’t most of us concerned about what we put in that huge hole on our face – the mouth?

Certainly, it is one of the main orifices on the human body that is an entrance for germs, leading to sickness, life or death.

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As one of the cards resembling old age it also represents bearing the light of wisdom, looking into the unconscious, observing dreams....

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You could say I am a very paranoid person, I remember a long time ago when doing my homework I would check bellow my desk just to be sure there wasn't anything there. - C2Emo Wolfgirl was kicked from Special: Chat by Lesbian Fox -!

I see highly offended people ready to spew their rage in the feedback category. As for the men: Zero sex partners and no intimacy – Mr. Suspicious One sex partner – Virgin Two to 5 sex partners – Mr. We never censor based on political or ideological points of view, but we do try to maintain a sensible balance between free speech and responsible moderating.

Focus Five to 10 partners – Gentleman Eleven to 20 partners – Official Player Twenty-one to 25 partners – Bordering Dog-dom Over 25 partners – Official Dog Unlimited/no limits – Ultimate Male Whore Anyway guys, I have to go because today is Friday and I would like to get to the bank early, shop for some condoms, get a haircut and get some gas for my old Nissan Sunny (hmm I hope I didn’t give myself away).

The Hermit card symbolizes meditation, reflection, and solitude.

She will mount the milkman if she wants, so relax, why torture each other? If that doesn’t sound like a madhouse, I don’t know what does. I recently spoke to a 17-year-old girl who wants me to be her “golden 40th”. I would like to walk with a Queen and make man wish they were first. A lot of men do not know their women’s sexual history and most women lie about their sexual history.

“I am the only one I know who has never been divorced. Even rap star and actor Snoop Dog is proud of the “dog” in his name for reasons we all know and could debate. I would not like to be with a woman who has had sex with over five men, especially if she is not yet 25. So don’t watch how cute, sexy or innocent she looks, the cow in the pasture maybe saying the same thing: “I hit that, mooo”.

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