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my name is Rob I understand you were enquiring about an escort date." "Yes this is Anne, why yes I did enquire would you by chance be a date for me?

She smiled as she spoke and seemed quite happy to see me. " "Why yes I have picked a nice place to go and eat if that is okay with you." "Of course Anne, the night is yours." We left and arrived at the restaurant some twenty minutes later, we went in and sat down. By now Anne seemed a bit more relaxed and looking at her I would say with no hesitation that this was going to be my second mature adventure.

It had been a week since I accepted Megan's job as an escort. So I decided to call her and see if she had any work for me, as it turned out she did the woman's name was Anne she was Forty one and needed some company, I got her details and gave her a quick call. A few days later I got the call from Anne and we arranged to meet the following evening. "Well you must be Rob, good to meet you." "Hello Anne good to meet you too and you look gorgeous if you don't mind me saying." "Thank you so much I do try." She replied.

I decided to give her my real name as my nickname I felt would not be right as that was for my close lady friends. When the evening finally arrived I got myself ready and off I went it wasn't far to drive, and I could not wait to meet her. We walked into the front room and Anne stood by her window, and seemed somewhat nervous.

She fell back slightly and began to slide backwards and forwards on me fuck it felt good. It actually went well being as it was my first time escorting, I think I pleased her.

While thinking about her and the evening I started to get hard, I was semi already you know how it is. The shower gel lubed it up and I began to tease it with my cock, running the head around the silicone lips the hot water heating it up.

Oh fuck I quickened as I fucked my imaginary Woman. I enjoyed our time together last night and well I want to see you some more." I replied. " "Well you are a glamorous woman, you hit my spots last night in all ways, you look good, smell good and I want more of you." "So your not just wanting to use me because you feel horny? " "Yes it is all true, Anne I want more than we had last night, I mean we could have done so much more with the night." "Like what Rob? " She just looked at me and gave a slight smile, that was enough for me to know she wanted sex. I want you now, I want to go down on you here and now.So I called up Megan and got some info on Anne, I told her Anne had left something behind and I needed to find where she worked. "So then Rob here I am, what are you going to do now?Megan gave me Anne's Company name, a bit of research and I had the address and phone number. That was it I was going to pay her a visit at work. "Shame you never asked me all this last night, well I sell women's clothing and accessories." "I see, is business good? I really have not much time." I stood up walked the very short way to her and kissed her hotly on the lips. I felt her fumbling with my belt and slowly lowered the zip on my jeans, her hand sliding into them and finding my semi aroused cock."So Rob here we are, I must say you have been making me feel horny all night. " "Go right ahead Anne, like I said I am all yours." She began to un zip me and fumbled about and pulled out my cock, she then began playtime. " "Yes Anne err oh yes your touch is just fine." "Hmm good I have not felt a cock like this, can I suck it?I mean you know I want to I told you." I did not refuse I was just about hard now and looking down her cleavage I wanted her mouth badly. I am only living out my fantasy." "Anne you are doing fine you stay there as long as you like." She then moved herself down and ended up between my legs.

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  1. Maybe you once posted an "I Saw You At Tryst" message on the cafe's missed-connections site, or perhaps you wrote half of your thesis in one of its armchairs.