Throughout history the phenomenon of the younger woman and way, way, way older man has been accepted if not back-slappingly admired.

i guess it's not a big deal, and i'm probably over thinking it, but i just keep reminding myself that he has only invited me on our second date, we live about 5 hours apart when i'm at school, and he might not want a's basically the first time in my life that i can hookup with or potentially date whomever i please without having to worry about being outed, since i already took care of that part but here's the thing, the guys who i've hooked up with at my school have been 1) a senior 2) an alum from 3 years ago 3) a 30 year old french professor (i don't take french, don't worry).

I bet the husband sittin at home lovin her is young.

Just can't wait till she gets caught ,it will happen cuz she is a ho.

They France off to work in the tite clothes low cut tops.

While the man they married is setting home loving his queen.

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