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The anonymity and the global nature of the Internet make identifying and prosecuting these predators difficult.The pedophiles in this case are likely based in the UK and other countries overseas.The girl was given the tablet to help with her schoolwork, but unfortunately the mobile device was used for social media applications like Snapchat and Skype.After about a month of unmonitored use, her mother checked the device and was horrified to discover that her daughter had been targeted by at least 16 men.On another occasion one man begged: ‘Open cam baby open’ and added: ‘plzzzzzz I like sex.What problem r u no interest to sex.’ (Dailymail, December 27, 2014)These parents believed that they took “all sensible safety measures’ to protect her.” They turned on the i Pad’s parental settings to filter content. In this article I will outline how online predators try to contact and exploit children, and give you some truly sensible safety measures to keep your children safe. The online predator/pedophile is networked with millions of other like-minded individuals who share their techniques and experiences with each other.Depending the type of attack one or more layers maybe needed: The above safety suggestions are a good start to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for your child online.If you would like to learn more about how to keep your child safe from cyberbulling, online predators, sexting, and other online threats, I invite you to attend one of my two, four, or eight hour Cyber Safety workshops.

Here’s the story of one attack that pivoted on a Skype scam.

In my Cyber Safety parent workshop, I ask parents where is the safest place for their child to be?

After asking thousands of parents this question, I always hear the same answer: In their home.

Truly sensible safety precautions are not a one-dimensional.

All good security systems are a multi-layered approach.

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They know how to identify the most vulnerable victims and what techniques to use to groom children into sending nude images or videos to them.

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