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2) Take a few moments to soak up the smell of the drink. Flick through the aromas, noticing as many as you can without trying too hard. Reconnecting with your senses is the heart of mindfulness. You might end up watching (and loving) a film you’d never normally consider.

This act alone opens your eyes and enhances awareness.

Breathing is so ordinary that its true significance can easily pass us by.

But many of us have forgotten how to breathe correctly.

So try drinking a glass of wine or beer with mindful awareness by following these steps: 1) When you ask for your drink (or pour it yourself), briefly ask yourself why you chose it. Either way, tune into the thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be pushing you one way or the other. 6) Carry on repeating steps two to five for about five minutes or until you’ve finished your drink. Go to the cinema with a friend at precisely 7pm: Often, what makes us happiest in life is the unexpected – the chance encounter or the unpredicted event. Most of us only go to the cinema when there’s something specific we want to watch.

Is it your genuine favourite or was it out of habit? However, if you turn up at a set time and date you will discover that the experience is totally different.

to embrace life’s difficulties and become more adaptable, creative and resilient. Try to gain a sense of the different flavours washing over you. When you drink without paying attention you miss out on so many wonderful flavours, textures and aromas.

So pay attention to how you feel when you are ‘deprived’ of your normal social life – or thrust into the centre of a new one. Watch the traffic for 15 minutes whilst driving: Begin by broadening your awareness and paying close attention to the vehicles around you.

Do they travel in straight lines or weave slowly from side to side, speed up or slow down without rhyme or reason?

These techniques work because of the way your breath reflects and amplifies emotions. A gently rising and falling breath stimulates the parts of the brain and nervous system responsible for creating a sense of calm.

Incorrect breathing can cause anxiety, stress and even depression. Soothing hormones flow, calming negative thoughts so you begin to breathe a little more slowly and deeply. To gain a sense of its power for yourself, try this simple exercise: EASE ACHES AND PAINS Most of us breathe incorrectly, especially when we’re sitting slumped at desks for far too long each day.

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