Dating antique trunk hardware

Wish I would have found this first but glad I finally did! Much easier than the hours I spent trying to find matching individual pieces using multiple sites, until I found this kit.

Wish I would have found this first but glad I finally did!

HOW TO MAKEOVER A VINTAGE TRUNK The ultimate master of disguise, a vintage trunk is the perfect for those interiors that find themselves in need of a few extra squirrel holes—you know the kind, those hush-hush hiding spots that are the equivalent of Bond-esque trap doors and revolving bookshelves.If its too poorly made by the manufacturer, return to Rockler for a replacement. I recently purchased these plans and build my grandson a trunk for Christmas.It turned out beautifully, but there were some problems with the plans that were minor.Given these dimensions, industrial steamer trunks, Asian-style chests, and primitive wedding chests will all work beautifully.Our other recommendations for pulling off the look?

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