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Textiles that can help us learn how people dressed at the time are particularly rare.The team of 14 researchers from Cambridge has been working to extract items from the site since August, and the site is still producing new surprises.Some of the food was even preserved as a glassy substance in the pots.Archaeologists are now about halfway through their dig, and excavation is planned to resume in April.The Iron Age began in Anatolia and the Caucasus around 1200 BCE.

This characteristic makes it possible to identify the source of iron.Although different dating hypotheses have been suggested on the base of stylistic considerations, no conclusive answers are, so far, available.The sample selection and preparation protocols of the different kind of organic materials (charred wood, vegetal remains and animal hairs) are described as well as the interpretation of the results in the frame of the current dating hypotheses and available analytical information about the casting technology.Meteoric iron is also already in a metal state, ready for use, which explains why it went into all Bronze Age iron artifacts.In contrast, the iron compounds in terrestrial ores must first undergo the process of reduction, which removes bound oxygen to yield the desired metal.

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