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Usually, collectors like Wunderlich are happy to go about their business quietly, sharing tidbits in their club newsletters.But this year, he’s trying to drum up some interest in the press. 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the oldest surviving ginger ale brand in the United States, and Wunderlich and company aren’t about to let that pass without a celebration.In the 1890s, the drug store closed and the soda business moved south of Jefferson Avenue.By 1915, it had grown into a massive bottling plant that sported its own soda fountain.I must have most of what they did,” Wunderlich says.“As I got older and wiser, I figured I’m just scratching the surface.It has made him something of an authority on the arcane details.

Always a local favorite, the drink apparently almost had a national reach.The collectors in the club share Wunderlich’s fanaticism for the brand, even though it’s now owned by Dr. Wunderlich says there are a couple people in the club with Vernor’s tattoos.Also, Vernor’s has lived at various locations throughout Detroit. Vernor was many things, including a florist and a druggist. And Vernor’s soda fountain served his own soft drink at Woodward and Clifford. “They were returnable bottles,” he says, “but you could no longer return them at that time. One day, when he was poking around in his parents’ garage, he found a big box of Vernor’s bottles.

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