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Our best to my classmates Have a good 2017 & stay well. I'm working very hard to downsize possessions before going to a wonderful retirement community in Silver Spring, MD outside DC.

Rod I'm still teaching ESL for about 33 weeks a year for 3 hours a day, actually just monitoring a computer lab, which gives the students time toward the requirement of class time per week for the student visas. I've been able to put a little money away, and am going to spend 6 days in London next May. Ronnie and Jan Pass in Colorado with their 6 grandchildren who live in Phoenix, Winston-Salem and St. Ronnie and Jan spend most of their time in Naples, FL and St. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX A note from Harriet Stemme Mayberry. I have friends there and my son and his family live a 40-minute drive away in Vienna, VA. "What do you mean you didn't buy washable paint, Dick?! Click here to read the story of the Alcatraz prank.

There is a wonderful concert hall near there and I will take full advantage of that, plus the theater and museums of DC. Natale Lentin Potchen and her two daughters, Kim and Cynthia Lieberman and Kim's daughter Stephanie. The sad thing is we missed a wonderful weekend with our friend Garrison Keillor June 18 & 19th for his last Prairie Home Companion show in St Louis. They are not at large anymore, but it took so much work to put this headline together, I can't bear to erase it......

She and husband James have moved to a condo from a house and are involved in their church and with their grandchildren when she isn't planning for us. They both recently moved to condos in Ballwin, MO; Marvina from alarge Kirkwood home and Francine from Hood River, OR. Louis; Bart and wife Karen live in Hood River, OR very near Jim Brown's daughter, Meredith St. Paul Joenk and wife Christine left Arizona some years ago to be near grandchildren and get away from the heat. Out to dinner: Francine, Bonnie Hirsch Hurwitz, husband Howard and Francine's husband, Marc Cohn. Jean Leutwiler Brandenburger lives in Hillsborough, CA with husband Don who is still working parttime as an architect. She says they are very active playing golf and skiing. Here they are not far from home sailing on San Francisco Bay. They all look so happy because I just gave a 45 minute Power Point briefing on the 70th Birthday of the Air Force." Steve with granddaughter Bridget in Brooklyn and granddaughter Matilda in Colorado in the Spring. Carl has died and Carolee has decided to move to Lake St. Good friends Marilyn Ham Coffman, her husband Chuck and Jim Portmann drove down to see the beautiful property one more time before it is gone. He and wife Kathy live in El Cerrito, California and they have also keep a home where Sylvan first lived after graduate school at W. We are walking a 5K in December with FITTEAM in Florida. Marilyn Huntington Berkey with Betty Lee Hubb Fyan.

Marvina and Ken Kastner and retired and so are Francine and husband Marc. Rushmore Rob is helping to raise his grandson Jack who is 12 and has Rob's skating skills. Francine Friedman Cohn, husband Marc and sons Ben and Bart on Thanksgiving in St. Some fun pictures of Steve Nielson who is retired and lives in Alexandria, Va with wife Carol. Here is what he says about this photo: "Here is a picture from our family reunion in July in Alexandria. Chuck, Jim and Marilyn Carolee and Jim Helen Ziercher and Sam Bertolet who live in Clayton, Mo on a Baltic cruise in mid-July. Marilyn and husband were on their way from Colorado to Seattle and stopped in Portland, OR to see Betty Lee. Marilyn, husband Brent and Marilyn's brother Richard, a Ladue '62 grad. Susan was Head of Nursing at Jewish Hospital School of Nursing. She recently toured England and is with another tour member at Stonehenge.

Here are some pictures of our meeting that lasted nearly 55 minutes in his office, before the game.

Bill is coming to our house in Melbourne Beach, before the end of the baseball season to see my baseball collection.

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