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You may be able to do this without the graph paper, but please graph the half-life curve and mark the age of your bag of popcorn once all your calculations are done.

When the universe was born, and the Earth formed all of the stable elements and their isotopes, their numbers are unchanging in total abundance.

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Scientists have calculated the relative abundance of these elements and their isotopes and are able to use this information to determine a variety of environmental conditions over geologic time.

Two really important stable isotopes are Oxygen-18 and Carbon-13; let’s look at Carbon-13 first.

The amount of time to turn all of the popcorn kernels to popcorn is about 3 minutes, but lets assume that we do not know this.

Determine the half-life of popcorn and then determine the age of your sample of popcorn.From a chemistry perspective, the lag time associated with microwave popcorn would give poor data for a half-life curve.The half life is not simply the time it takes for half the sample to decay, but is a representation of the random nature of radioactivity.This makes scientists think that where there is more C-13 that there had been a depletion in C-12 in the atmosphere, reducing temperatures of a previously warmer time (which is why the plant production was so extreme at another time) This is called fractionation, a preferential selection of one isotope over another.Scientists are able to use the ratios of fractionated atoms to determine the possible environmental conditions of a time.

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