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Jump on a train if you can afford it and see each other at short notice.Make sure you do fun things together, too – don't stay inside and watch DVDs.

Ollie recommends being "spur of the moment"."Don't always plan too much.It can be tempting to throw yourself into a relationship just to avoid being alone, rather than because you actually want to be with that person." Of course, that doesn't mean you should keep yourself single – you're going to be meeting dozens of new people and there's no law against having fun.In truth, relationships need work whether your partner is there with you in halls, or miles away in another city.Some people just see the problems as insurmountable.But Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist for relationship charity Relate, believes that it is very possible for couples to survive the distance – but that it isn't necessarily going to be easy."Of course they can survive," she says.

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Distance wasn't the problem it tends to be for some: "London and Liverpool are only two-and-a-half hours apart on the train. And with student railcards and careful planning, we could see each other for a tenner."Ollie enjoyed the chance to spend time in two different cities with two different groups of friends, but there were difficulties.

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