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As a result he often observed with his wife Mary Ann: ‘He was relieved from this difficulty by the affection and intelligence of Mrs. Fallows’ successor Thomas Henderson had difficulties with smaller, scalier creatures. It remained the principal instrument for measuring star positions until 1905.

His results from these early observations appeared as a catalogue of 273 ‘principal fixed Stars’ in the 1824 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.Only the intervention of President van Breda of the Burgher-Senate prevented the ship’s captain from dumping the unbuilt observatory’s first load of instruments on the beach.As it was, Fallows was allowed a room in the town granary, and the government eventually granted him one of the pre-fabricated huts intended for settlers at Algoa Bay.The original Georgian building which Fallows and Skirrow `worried into existence’ at Slangkop is now the headquarters of the South African Astronomical Observatory. ’ His assistant’s wife wrote: The ‘Slough of Despond’ intercepts our main road, And near ‘Dismal Swamp’ stands our stately abode.Fallows is buried in front of the building, 12 feet deep to discourage grave robbers. Drinking water had to be brought in by wagon, as the only water supply was a an unimproved hole dug down to the level of the (salty) river water, with a bucket on a rope slung over the limb of an adjacent tree.

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