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) I have heard a few people in the past say, that when they have dated people without children, things became hard, as the partner didn’t always feel like they were the centre of attention.

That person may struggle to understand the concept that a parent’s time ultimately has to be shared between them and the children – but for me, the children’s needs should always come first.

So, as everyone seemed to enjoy the last post around dating, I thought I would do a follow up post on this subject.

This time I will explore the advantages and disadvantages of dating someone with and without children as a single parent.

It can’t always be about the romance, there has to be a balance and sometimes it will be about having to help your children do homework, read a book with them, or look after a poorly little one and you need for a partner to understand this and support you. ) One of the things that ought to be addressed pretty quickly, is if the person you are dating wants children of their own or not (this can of course also apply to those with children too).

I remember a situation whereby she got frustrated with me, I had the children and they were in bed one night and I was on the phone to her.

I had to end the call abruptly as I was needed by one of the kids as they were crying.

Another scenario, could be that they may not be able to have children themselves but absolutely love and always wanted children of their own, so that could be a win-win situation.

(Does dating someone without children give you more time for this?

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Firstly, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thanks‘ to everyone who read my last post, about Dating as a Single Parent – would you?

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