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What you save on camping fees you can quickly spend back on gas driving to that place you really wanted to visit.There are vast regions of the USA where there simply are no TT parks - especially the Midwest.Though we don’t prefer TT parks we still keep an eye on the TT system as it relates to our plans.While in Florida one winter we wanted to stay at an Encore park that was close to friends.We haven’t woken up, stepped outside the door, looked at the view and thought “wow - am I lucky or what?”We get that experience in other campgrounds and RV parks and it has made our suburban sacrifices all worthwhile.I got so frustrated that I gave up trying to get the “best deal” and instead bought the simplest/cheapest plan possible for our immediate need.

One offered paid wi-fi that was acceptable, but increased the cost of our stay. It looks as if they are barely hanging on and doing only the most minimal of maintenance.We saw: Thousand Trails Campground Membership - Is it a Good Fit for your Family? You are never camping for free at a Thousand Trails park.Join TT Liaison ____ for an informative seminar on the Thousand Trails Campground Membership Program and learn how you can start camping for free. Your per-night cost is your cost to purchase the membership (some people pay K-K) plus your yearly dues (~300-0) divided by how many nights you’ve used the membership.Nice and all, just indicative of organizational issues. We had to call TT to resolve the issue, and they waived the fee.On one of our initial stays of 10 days we received a note that we hadn’t shown up for our reservation or called to cancel. Those camping days weren’t “on the system” now, so they didn’t end up counting against our “free” 30 days of camping. Thousand Trails locations are mostly remote (assuming due to their ‘resort’ heritage).

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This design is both a commentary on suburban living and a declaration of your intent to leave it. Used memberships are a better deal overall but are hard to research.

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