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When having a conversation, don't be too pushy and clingy.

It might make you appear like a desperate guy who has no other alternatives.

If she doesn't want to send more photos, take it easy, don't beg for more.

For it's a total No-Go to most local girls, if a guy behaves like an idiot, talks like an arrogant jerk, is a liar or worse, behaves aggressive.

Nowadays, young folks seek to find new friends, partners or just one night stands by using Tinder.

Especially for young foreigners it is the number one application to meet and hookup with a girl in Thailand.

Usually, people go through following steps from first 'Hi' to a date: After the introduction with standard questions and chit chat, you can ask her for her Line Id.

Talking in Line messenger is way more convenient and gets you on a closer level to her, since not everybody can talk to her in Line. Usually, if you already had some lines of conversation with her, she won't reject your Line Id request.

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Online dating makes it possible to get to know with a new person from the comfortable office seat or from home, without the hassle to go out in the sun and being exposed to Thailand's heat.

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