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I can only do it in Private Show -No pee, poo, vomit, fisting or blood shows because it is against CB rules.* It's not like we don't accept messages from single guys (those goofy bastards are about the best thing i've got going on in my life right now) just have a little r. Try it next time you're walking through a park approaching someone and then.. Can see you sat there now, racking your brains on how to get our attention, " I know" you say, "I'll send them a pic of my hairy cock, that should do it"..., it doesn't..It is in fact just another cock pic, that's it, a pic of your cock, to go with the 1000's we've already been sent. Oh and its not just the men, oh no, you ladies are guilty too.Well we would like to meet a late thirties/early forties LOCAL as in nearby and sort of close to us and not too far away married couple (not a single guy with access to a "lady" at weekends) whose relationship pre-dates the ipod with unrestricted views of their genitalia and similar preferences and experience as ourselves for some hotel bedroom antics,(not young duracell bunnies that want to bang away all night, we're 43 you know, we've been moaning when we have to kneel down and groaning when we have to get back up for years) and we would like to meet socially to start with as one of us is very nervous (and a bit shy! Blame my mum, i can still hear her now ..." DONT TALK TO STRANGERS ", but mother why? (idiot..) We don't have SKYPE either, blimey if i had a penny for every time we were asked.. Please read our age range/sexual preferences for replies before sending a message or wink as getting one from J R Hartley really was the last straw (and he wasn't after a copy of Flyfishing) . And apologies for me keep putting short sentences in brackets,(i'm trying to stop and i'm doing brilliant so far) but you may also find yourself doing it involuntarily if you read it all.. Just read Fabs version of what cuckolding means then deleted it from our preferences immediately!!! Don't ask for a polite no to your message (you will anyway) as i don't think there is a polite way to say no as it always takes offence!! After updating our pics it takes an age sorting the shit from the shinola. Said couple retired shortly after (was it something we said? Turns out 67%* of people that do are a lot older than they think (*made up statistic).They're nice people mother, " BECAUSE THEY WILL WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU ", well after being on this site for a while she was right all along.. If we message you back this is not a high-five moment (although you'll think so anyway..) Its just damage limitation on our part really, hopefully stops the abusive messages when it sinks in that we're not interested.. Send an offensive message and you too vill also go on ze list.. After 6 years, 7 months, 23 days, 16hrs on here We finally HAVE met a couple, and jolly good fun it was too, you know what they say..? We're no spring chickens, both nearing mid-forties (and look it!

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