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It is no discredit even in learned or grave people to be seen occasionally whiling away half an hour over Punch. This old established record of the turf is regarded by the entire sporting world as a complete epitome of its events. A large portion consists of intelligence relating to railways, domestic, colonial, and foreign. This is a very valuable organ, not only as a record of public meetings, ample share lists, &c. As containing excellent articles on Foreign Railways, this journal is much in request; its information, also, with respect to English Railways is ample, and given in the clearest and most intelligible form. There is a stern insensi- bility to all influences of party or oi person in his talented paper, most pointedly distinctive ; and in perfect har- mony with this, its leading feature and principle, is a Red Lion Court ^ Fleet Street, London.^ 126 NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY.

It is, in a word, " tragedy-comedy-history-comical-historical- pastoral-tragical historical-tragical comical-historical- pastoral ;" and finds its way into the hands alike of the million and the few. It contains ample information respecting races to come, the result of those ended, full accounts of all celebrated racers, and of what they have accom- plished, together with the state of the odds, and care- fully arranged pedigrees of winners. Reviews of auctions, both before and after the day of sale, constitute, we believe, a new feature in journalism, and, when well performed, are calculated to convey an idea of the real merits of articles offered to the competi- tion of buyers. ; but as containing much original writing of the best kind ; and as being the vehicle of opinions which all engaged in railways may profit by. It may be supposed that one so intimately connected with railway affairs as the proprietor of this journal, is endued with power to do it all possible justice. It was, originally, pub- lished three times a week ; but, although its issue is now restricted to the Saturday, its readers lose little in point of " Railway Intelligence ;" and attention is also devoted to other subjects in connection with railways. certain close, terse, sarcastic way of reasoning:, keen at detecting, and merciless in exposing-, fallacies ; with an unflinching: enuiity to all charlatanism, whether in friend or foe ; though, indeed, these terms are hardly applica- ble to a journal which appears to be sensible neither to friendship nor enmity, and to have steeled itself equally ag-ainst the seductive and the offensive.

In its columns are found contributions from men of the greatest talents among Dissenters ; and its energetic advocacy of what they deem the principles of civil and religious [C Mitchell, Town and Country Advertisement Agent, NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY. " The Conspectus of Pharmacopoeias," which is printed so that it may be detached, and bound in a separate form, is a valuable feature in this journal, which will be found most useful in the library of all scientific inquirers. The enterprise and ingenuity of each are constantly incited to fresh eff'orts to discover and obtain rarer sub- jects, or attain to hijfher artistic effects ; so that as it seldom happens that even where similar subjects are chosen, the mode of illustration is the same ; the result is a much greater variety both in the one and the other. He fills up the leisure idle moments (and the most busy have such intervals in the midst of their most eager activity) of nine-tenths of the nation.

Principles : Conservative ; and it is not only a poli- tical, but a Literary, Theatrical, and Sporting Journal. — The object is to enable country readers to have a sort of medium between a daily and weekly [C Mitchell^ Town and Country Advertisement Agent, NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY. Principles: AVhig ; it is also a Literary Journal — Like another liberal paper, the Spectator, this Journal was originally the otfsprinjj of individual energy and ability, latterly not so exclusively dedicated to it as of o M, but still leaving visible the traces and relics of its influence — so enduring are the impressions left by the hand of genius upon the work with which it has been associated.

Its success and reputation may be attributed to its careful blending of the utile et dulce ; and to its firm and moderate tone, avoiding all that can justly offend or irritate any partj , though consistently advocating its own principles. Its literary and theatrical criticisms bear a high cha- racter. The leading articles are short, pithy, and to the purpose ; taking a fair \iew of public questions, though evidently with a bias to liberal politics. The writers do not appear to belong to any class or party, but write con amore, as their feelings prompt ; and certainly, at times, they are betrayed into rather eccentric positions. They seem to love art for the sake of art ; and do not flatter or abuse either parties or persons from personal or party motives.

Nor is the reviewing department inadequately supported, though the space devoted to such subjects is necessarily limited. Incidentally, of course, topics associated railways enter into its dis- cussions; and it is necessarily very full in its accounts of prices of shares, stocks, and metals. [C Mitchelly Toum and Country Advertisement Agent ^ NEWSPAPER PRESS DIRECTORY. As the circula- tion is, we believe, good, the work offers a desirable channel for the announcement of works connected with musical art. — In a country like this, which owes so much to the supremacy of its fleets, we may readily suppose that a thorough-going seaman's newspaper will be welcomed and encouraged.

Published by James Partridge, 54, Gracechurch Street. Published by George Purkiss, 60, Dean Street, Soho. And the Aauticttl Standard deserves encouragement, for it is as independent, and trims as little, as any journal of the day.

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