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21.8 years), were more likely to be home based (68.6% vs.

In Karnataka, the most common form of traditional sex work is associated with the tradition involves a religious rite in which girls and women are dedicated, through marriage, to different gods and goddesses, after which they become the wives or servants of the deities and perform various temple duties [19].

The questionnaire was developed in close coordination with representatives from the sex worker community and was pretested among 20 FSWs (10 from northern and 10 from southern Karnataka).

Peer educators in the districts acted as guides in identifying and helping to approach FSWs for interviewing.

6.4), and were less likely to migrate for work within the state (4.6% vs.

18.6%) but more likely to have worked outside the state (19.6% vs. FSWs were less likely to report client-initiated violence during the past year (13.3% vs. 44.3%)Conclusion Differences in sociobehavioral characteristics and practice patterns between Reducing the vulnerability of female sex workers (FSWs) to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV infection, is a global public health imperative, owing to both the obligation to protect and promote the health of FSWs and the strategic importance of interrupting transmission to and from this subpopulation as a means of controlling epidemics of STIs and HIV infection [1–3].

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