Glamour dating type of men to avoid dating

Just because you and your crush don’t have it, doesn’t mean you won’t have it with someone else.

It might sting at first, but feelings change and you should be able to move past it.

Don’t start following their every move on social media – it’ll only drive you crazy. The sooner you stop obsessing, the sooner you can enjoy doing your own thing.

Click through the slideshow below to see her three looks.

Nina is a pro at changing up her look -- and hair is a big part of how she distinguishes her "Vampire Diaries" character Elena from her doppelganger Katherine.

Girl-next-door Elena opts for sleek, straight locks, while bad girl Katherine wears wild curls. You wake up looking like a painting that’s been left out in a rainstorm." For Nina's full interview, pick up the November issue of , on newsstands on October 9.

"Changing my hair helps me transform," Nina tells . This Thursday, October 11, she returns to season four of "The Vampire Diaries" after a major cliff-hanger last spring, Take a peek at the recently released cast photo for clues about her fate.

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