Guide to dating the dark side

For example 54 41078651 would still indicate an October of 1974 date by disregarding the 54 production code number.

The 1976-77 MC GS6 models did not follow the above dating code.

This complete package was then placed into a wooden or thermoplastic case for protection and presentation.

The different parts of the daguerreotype each provide date clues.

So it is important you understand the different pieces.

It exhibits the characteristics of a mirror at many angles.

Once you have determined that your image is a 'dag', several clues can help establish a date range.

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1 = 1971 and 06 = June) * New 175cc Jackpiner introduced with all new KTM engine * Jackpiner has blue gas tank and air box along with yellow number plates * 175cc KTM engine is black with Motoplat ignition, 6 speed gear box, cast aluminum alloy cylinder and head with 30mm Amal carburetor * Early Jackpiner serial numbers start with 7-206xxxxx (7 being a production code and the next 3 digits indicate year and month, i.e. speedometer * Sun rims 1977 * First year for GS6 model (GS means Gelande Sport and Gelande means terrains ) and 6 means 6 speed) MC5 * MC5 same as 1976 except new black with white trimmed C-shaped decal around the word "Penton" which was in black * Frames had a slight but noticable modification on some brackets as compared to the 1976 where the rear of the seat bolts on * Some frames had the option to mount the foot pegs in two different height settings * Exhaust pipe had an extra strengthening gusset on top where the silencer is welded on to the pipe GS6 Cross Country * Starting serial number is 70100000 (GS6's only) * Has MC5 frame styling with the exception of new high breather tunnel type backbone * New orange enduro tank, side panels and headlight/number plate * Tank decal like 1976 Cross Country model * Has leading axle Marzocchi forks * Rear shocks are Marzocchi * Lectron and Bing carburetor * Sun rims 1977 Penton Woodsman Same as 1972 Mud-Lark except for the following: * Woodman model first appears * Gas tank is polished aluminum and orange finish * Penton white PVC (plastic) front fender and Preston Petty white IT (integral taillight) rear fender * Ceriani 200mm front forks * Koni rear shocks * Upswept expansion chamber (husky type) with muffler and heat shield * Full enduro lighting complete with large bowl shape headlight * Seat is 1974 Penton model (thick 18" long) * Frame turns up behind seat to accommodate Preston Petty Enduro fender 1977 Penton/ K-R (Kenny Roberts) * New short tracker model introduced mid-February * 250cc KTM 5 speed engine, 40mm Lectron carburetor, Motoplat ignition * Cranke designed expansion chamber * Frame is K-R designed and tested by Kenny Roberts * Handlebars and fiberglass body work are K-R designed * Wheels and disc brakes are A. E products * Magura controls * Ceriani forks * S & W shocks * Carlisle tires Frame Identification: All 1972 thru 1977 Penton motorcycles have an 8 digit serial number stamped on the steering head of the frame. The 3 digits preceding the 5 digits is the date code.

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