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According to her, it was the only rifle she was ever comfortable with and she killed many deer with it.While certainly not a beginner’s handgun round, even in a rifle, the .44 Magnum is well suited to new shooters who have never had experience with a larger caliber but would like an introduction.The .243 Winchester came out in 1955 as a necked down .308.It was an instant hit and remains so today, especially with folks conscious about meat preservation.

While hard, long and flat rounds like the .30-06 and .308 still appear to dominate the North American hunting rifle scene, I must admit these cartridges are really not the best choices for someone who’s never stalked whitetails before — or, heaven forbid, never shot a gun.

Originally chambered for the Remington Model 8 semi auto rifle in 1908 it has found its way into lever action rifles and is still one of the best close range deer cartridges for brush hunting.

You will most commonly encounter the .35 Remington in Marlin 336s and its 200 grain bullet, moving at 2,000 fps, gives it a clear edge over the .30-30 in performance.

You can also usually find a used Remington on the shelves just waiting to be snatched up, sometimes for bargain prices.

Another round from days gone by is the venerable .35 Remington.

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