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If we choose to stick with the relationship, we enter into the "reality" phase. One day, one (or sometimes both) members of the couple wake up and realize their sexual needs aren't being met like they were during that first year or two of the relationship.We continue to build intimacy, which often includes kids, a house, and all the other trappings of the American dream. Invariably, they ALWAYS seem surprised the honeymoon period came to an end.There’s no avoiding it, it literally happens When you first started dating cuddling was mandatory. Now, you can finally execute the hug and roll to perfection as soon as your arm falls asleep and/or you begin to overheat. He wants pizza but you want sushi, but you know he wants pizza and in the end you go in circles until you're both hangry blobs. You have so many memores together that you can't remember if that one time you went camping was last summer or the one before that or even the one before that? As your person, they hear a fair bit of complaining.You would think that all these years of dating would have made you wiser, or at least more effecient at making decisions together. It's only natural they want to offer solutions to your many many problems. If you complain about breaking out and they suggest you buy pro active, it's not necessarily an insult.Their previously-ignored or minimized flaws become more apparent.

But, when you’ve been dating long enough this will come up.

At this point, the couple usually morphs into a "high libido" partner and a "low libido" partner.

This results in the following common complaints: High libido partner: "I don't understand what happened. My partner was adventurous and creative, the sex was hot, and they would initiate all the time. I have to practically beg for sex and I get rejected all the time which kills my self-esteem.

When they first got together, they set the honeymoon phase trap by assuming they would be the couple that proved everyone wrong.

Their love was strong enough to maintain the honeymoon forever. They're beholden to the same relationship rules as the rest of us, but the expectations of a lifetime of unbridled passion ultimately results in serious disappointment.

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Enjoy the honeymoon period for what it is - a really fucking exciting rollercoaster ride.

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