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Please note this is going to take sometime so I suggest you have some Music playing near by and grab yourself a cup of coffee while you do this. For Drivers and Patches I suggest you look at the Insanely Mac Forums.

This guide would have been nearly impossible without : Thanks for the guide.

Instead of using the command line to enter the stuff using bcedit, all you need to do is edit the “boot.ini” file to add a new bootloader entry and then dual boot XP and Leopard.

For more details on how to edit the “boot.ini” file please search google, meanwhile I am planning to write a guide for Windows XP as well..

-Espera a que instale (Algo de 20 minutos) -Cuando termine de instalar posiblemente se reinicie o aparecerá una pantalla gris.

-Deja espichado el botón de power hasta que se apague del todo y vuelvelo a prender.

-En la nueva ventana NO LE DES CLICK A INSTALL todavia, dale a costumize.

-ESTA PARTE ES LA MAS IMPORTANTE DE LA INSTALACIÓN: En donde dice Bootloader, seleccionamos el ultimo y no el primero En donde dice Drives seleccionamos donde dice PS/2 la primera y laptop battery.

Well now that you have everything ready, lets get started then. If you have any questions just drop in a comment, I’ll reply at the earliest.

Reply OK, I got a chance to try this out last night. I had setup an external USB drive with the unallocated space realizing that the RAID-5 card was probably not supported. My problem is that immediately after this step I see scrolling DOS style text which freezes up and never progresses. Apple ACPIPlatform” has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.components: use only one style. I’m downloading right now, but have a question before I start installing… Am I able to parition part of the D drive for the OSX install and boot from there? So far I’v installed Leopard and it works, but I cant get the to work. whenever i try to install MAC (only for testing), the screen with the apple sign comes and after a little while, a small sign with a circle and a cross on it pop ups. i tried pressing F8 and then -v, and may be the error i got was ” still waiting for the host file” or something like that. Sorry, i am a newbie and this question might seem a bit silly. Looks like a lot of issues here in getting Leopard running on a PC.

Reply Hi, I’ve got as far as Darwin loading up, but having typed in “-v”, rather than going to any further installation screen, it comes up with a list of 7 or so items, before restarting the computer. 2.44 GB) on my Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook (Core2Duo T7200 processor). I use 1 disk and it’s called C and C got 2 partitions XP is installed on Part. Thanx in advance Meep Reply Took 2 days for the download, and I get file errors transferring the i ATKOS to the DVD. I guess if I plan on doing this, I will be buying a copy of Leopard, but researching further the woes of putting leopard on an Intel based machine.

Please note this is a complete tutorial and if followed exactly you should be running Leopard and Vista side by side without any problems.

Yes, this guide has taken over a month for me to write and I have tried this out every possible combination of hardware setup I could possibly test, and I can assure you that if followed correctly you can easily have Leopard and Vista in a dual boot setup.

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