Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing delphi

Choose a different name for this file, if both are identical you will get a "duplicate identifier" compile error (see chapter "The Lazarus files" at the end of this tutorial). The simplest way to compile is to select 'Run' from the main menu at the top, and then the 'Run' option on the sub-menu. This will first compile and then (if all is well) link and execute your program. If you press it again, it will still say 'Press again'!! Re-open your saved Project and on the Form1 window click on the 'Press' button (Button1) to select it.Several text windows will appear and all sorts of compiler messages will be typed, but eventually your Form1 window will re-appear, but without the grid of dots; this is the actual main window of your application, and it is waiting for you to push buttons or otherwise interact with it. Select the 'Events' tab on the Object Inspector, click on the right side box next to On Click, click on the ...If the 'Standard' tab is not already selected, select it by clicking with the mouse.Then find the Button icon (a rectangle with 'OK' on it) and click on that with the mouse.Below this on the left is a set of symbols (icons which take you rapidly to particular menu commands); and on the right is the Component Palette.Under the Lazarus Editor window will appear the 'Object Inspector' window on the left, and the Lazarus 'Source Editor' on the right.Lazarus is a free and open source development tool for the Free Pascal compiler, which is also free and open source.The Lazarus Integrated Development Environment (IDE, see Screenshots) is a programming environment to create standalone graphical and console applications.

To place a button on the form: on the top Menu window, underneath the menu line, is a row of tabs.Lazarus currently runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Free BSD and Win32 and provides a customizable source editor and visual form creation environment along with a package manager, debugger and complete GUI integration with the Free Pascal compiler.Note: On Linux Ubuntu at least, the command to start Lazarus from a console is "startlazarus".Click again on the Button icon in the Standard tab, and click on the Form1 somewhere to the right of centre: a second rectangle labelled 'Button2' will appear. The 'Object Inspector' window will now display the properties of the object Button1.Near the top is a property named 'Caption', with the displayed value 'Button1'.

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