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This forum is for us all to indulge in a little nostalgia and remember with rose coloured glasses how much better it was in the olden days In the late seventies/early eighties I remember seeing on a daily basis the green & white tilt trailers of Chris Hudson International, wheeling through Kimbolton.They were mainly pulled by subbies but I think Hudson had a few sleeper cabbed Scania 81 units of their own, all with BNO **T registrations, I think. I once read they had about 40-50 units and around 2000 trailers.Use our poll questions search tool to search our database of polling questions.

Other names come to mind, Terry Poulson, who hired me, Chris himself, Chris' sons, his brother Russell, their wives/girlfriends/ex's who worked there; Terry O'Brien imported from Ford's along with his son Michael - and his girlfriend Julie.

Jackie and Yvonne Finn, Stuart Pinnock, Laurie (good name for the business, don't you think? If any of my former colleagues are reading this, I can see your faces, but... Great characters, but at this time of night I can only remember Eric Lucas from Liverpool and Micky Tisdale from the West Midlands. Chets colours were identical to Chris Hudsons and I seem to remember that they were all on Belgium number plates. During my time, the furthest we went was northern Italy (Permasso??? Most traffic was Belgium, Germany, Holland This is desperately sad, I'm planning a trip to the attic to see what I can my name is alan newton i worked for chet truck in 77/78 driving a transcon based at tegelen near venlo running mainley germany the boss was jack van der kerkoff but was owned by chris hudson other drivers i can rember were steve shearer a guy named ron and cliff i left and went to work for s jones saudi hope this sheds alight on chettrucks by the way transcons supplied by neyt at lorkeren yours alantruck Blimey, Chet trucks, what a palava. Anyone remember loading milk powder in Totnes or Sturminster Newton ? Me & a mate George Hill left Towmasters & went on Chris Hudson in 1978 we had an all day induction at Romford then picked up our Scania 81's at Grays (Trailer repair place?

Hudsons used Allport at Felixstowe for export/import documentation (hello, Gerry Hatt and John Disney) and Ewals of Tegelen on the continent (Gus Doove, Jack van der Kerkhof). I have asked this question on here before but it drew a blank as somebody once told me that CHET stood for Chris Hudson European Transport or was this just another ferry story ( or should it be fairy story ). I used to leave my car on the top of the car park in Eastern Docks for 2 weeks at a time! At least I could stand up in the Ford to get dressed ! Or trying to find your trailer in Beckton, then at 2 in the morning finding it sunk 9 inches into the ground and using a mixture of leg winding and the old Ford shunter to get the [zb] thing high enough for the the crappy 81 to get under it! Don Collison Stewkley Haulage The guy with the 86 that used to cook everyone dinner in the cab ! ) then up to Felixstowe to pick up MT tilts & take to (I think) Totnes to hand ball bags of Milk powder to run back (I'm sure) to Sheerness Docks.

When we got to Beckton I was told to stay there & wait for the gearbox to be repaired, I said words to the affect of F U I'm going home.

I got a lift home to Sittingbourne & slept for 15 hours well fu..ed, they rang me 3 days later & said yours lorries ready, I didn't go back, but to fair they did pay me for the 2 days I did.

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