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But then one day I received an email from a woman in Ukraine who told me she had worked for a Charm Date agent for less than 4 weeks.She told me she got my email address from the site because she felt very sorry for me and wanted to warn me. She had quit because her conscience wouldnt let her keep doing this.I have never been lucky with other international dating sites before. As I have no basis for comparison, I still think that I have had a nice time here.Here, my aspiration for dating Russian women has got realized. The Russian girls I have spoken with are not as mean as I have anticipated judging from the things I have read in the past. This site is so sopecial to me as it is where my lonely heart got cured.It always amused me, when I found so many women 40 looking so gorgeous...In the reality all of them are lost shape after 35 and total wrecks after 40.

They have extremely effective software to detect any personal information that you want to give to the women with whom you communicate that it is practically impossible to do it.Honestly speaking,i didn't think that i stood a chance with any of the beautiful girl here.I was surprised to find that most girls are very warmhearted and ready to mingle.One woman was supposedly on a plane to see me at my home town but I received a message that her father was taken ill and she had to return.That sort of thing might happen once or twice but after 4 or 5 you realize theres something going on that aint right.

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