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Dressing blue-eyed babies in blue would bring out the color of their eyes, and that's some excellent reasoning.Some department stores started adopting marketing techniques that suggested certain colors (mostly blue and pink) were particularly trendy for infants and young children.It was a practical matter rather than one of fashion, as it was easy enough to bleach dirtied clothes when they were all white.It wasn't until kids turned 6 or 7 years old that they started adopting a method of dress that was more in line with what their parents were wearing, and that was about the same time they got their first haircuts, too.Dress like the boys, the theory went, and you were going to be taken seriously (like the boys).That was also the start of the argument that there was no biological reason for girls to favor pink over blue, and that it was the way we were raising our children that made the color (and gender) divide an accepted thing. Paoletti says that the re-emergence of "blue is for boys, pink is for girls" had a lot to do with the most powerful thing in the world — money.The pastel tones of blue were better for girls, they said.

When they did that, they donned those pink clothes and it became a symbol that 1960s feminists wanted nothing to do with.

Even when we did start, it was sort of haphazard at first.

In 1918, a trade publication stated that it was pink that was appropriate for boys, as it was a stronger, bolder color.

Paoletti found that our adoption of gender-specific colors was a gradual process.

The idea of associating pastel colors with children happened in the middle of the 19th century, but it would take another 7 decades before we started assigning specific colors to specific purposes.

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It's not surprising that we latched onto the symbolism of a return to the normal gender roles.

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