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However, some constants from specific extensions are not currently included.

Traits, interfaces, and namespaces now appear under Imenu listings.

Web Mode is a great alternative to PHP Mode if you need to work with PHP scripts that do contain HTML and other markup.

GNU Emacs comes with Subword Mode, a minor mode that allows you to navigate the parts of a camel Case as if they were separate words.

(These tags are compatible with static type checkers like Php Storm and Phan.) In addition, it also partially supports notation called annotation.

Get structured with Podio's easily modified workspaces and apps, so you and your team can work the way you want to.Another approach is to narrow the buffer of an HTML file to show just the PHP block and switch to PHP-mode. I found the following in the wayback machine from the site listed above.This mode seems to work quite well is a very light-weight.Fontification behaves properly for namespaces as well, so that code like will search the PHP website for documentation on the word under the cursor.However, if you have a local copy of the PHP documentation then PHP Mode will try searching that documentation first. etc in the notation called tag, look at list of tags defined by php Documentor2.

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