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Through this examination it is Weather on "the Peninsula," as the area between the York and James Rivers is known locally, is characterized by relatively mild winters and warm summers, but not without extremes on both ends of the thermometer.John Smith accurately described the area's climate in 1624: The Sommer is hot as in Spaine; the Winter cold as in France or England.

Lacking the funds and political backing necessary to underwrite the great effort needed for such an undertaking, King James I granted huge tracts of land to the Virginia Company of London.Chapter 6 examines the artifactual material recovered from the plowzone and refuse pits, concentrating on smoking pipes and ceramics.Chapters 7 and 8 will attempt to place JC647 and four other contemporary Martin's Hundred sites in perspective.From the North is greatest cold, and from the East and Southeast as from the Barmudas, fogs and raines.(Smith 16) Captain Smith also went on to describe the quick changes characteristic of Tidewater weather, a tendency that anyone who has lived in the area for much time can attest. Carter's Grove plantation consists of approximately 800 acres of undeveloped land bounded on the north by U. Also, common in both Williamsburg and nearby rural areas are opossum, raccoon, skunk, red fox, grey fox, grey squirrel, rabbit, groundhog, rat, and mouse.Statistically, however, the peninsula's weather is rather mild, the average July temperature is 77.4°F, and the average in January is 38.8°F. About two years in every ten will have temperatures over 98°F in June and July and below 5°F in January. Typically, the soil is about 9 inches deep consisting of a top layer of dark greyish-brown fine sandy loam and a second layer of yellowish-brown fine sandy loam. Birds found today at Carter's Grove include several varieties of hawk, falcon, bald eagle, osprey, black vulture, turkey vulture, crow, as well as numerous song birds and water fowl.

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