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Meanwhile, Anna (Finola Hughes) will try to keep Finn (Michael Easton) out of her latest scheme.She’ll insist that Finn’s services are no longer necessary, but he won’t give up without a fight.She seems to think Sam should keep her options open or else she’ll drive herself crazy.After Nina gets in Sam’s face about her issues, they’ll have a tense confrontation.

When he realizes she’s still trying to manipulate Cassandra (Jessica Tuck), he’ll instruct her to wiggle out of any future plans.At the police station, P6 will suggest that Dante might be able to help him.There’s a good chance Dante will dig into Andrew Cain’s past.Sam won’t pretend this has been easy, but she’ll just try to focus on how much she adores Miller’s Jason.She’ll hope that their love can get them through this.

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