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Every Louisvillian is a foodie, even if they don’t admit it.With so many unique dining options around town, it’s hard to make a bad choice when it comes to reluctantly deciding on a place to eat.

It’s no secret to the locals that Louisville is one of the worst places for allergies in the country.

If you’re dating a Louisvillian, they’ll always be showing you new bands and your knowledge of the music world will quickly grow.

If you’re dating a Louisvillian, long gone are the weekends spent loafing around on the couch during a Netflix marathon.

Expect a Louisvillian to be well versed on an entire range of topics, always able to keep the dinner date conversation interesting.

A Louisvillian will never turn down the opportunity to do something crazy.

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When it comes to fancy situations, no one rocks it harder than a Louisvillian.

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  1. ” It was the first time that legendary phrase had been uttered in public, but it wouldn’t be the last. And they did.” It was the Stones who first defined what it means to be a rock band in a modern sense, a gang with a shared world view and sense of purpose encapsulated in hard-rocking electric guitar music.

  2. You might choose that time to share that you have depression.”When you feel the time is right, Friedman suggests a three-part “script.” First, tell your partner that she is important to you, enough so that you have something about yourself to share with her.