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For example, tax season is usually a stressful time of the year, and people will not recover as well then as compared to less stressful times of the year.

If you are running too much you will feel it as it will be like you never have any energy, Feeling sick like aka over training. but remember your muscles also need time to recover...

First of all your legs are the largest muscles in your body so naturally they will be more sore and take longer to recover. If your legs are not sore for a few days after a hard leg workout, than you didn't work them out hard enough.

And you shouldn't need to workout with "weights" more than once a week on your legs.

I've always wanted to hit 190Lbs as I think it's a solid weight for my height and build.

so u dont fatigue before u get to the smaller ones. monday:chest&shoulders........tuesday:back&forearms...wednsday REST! cool huh lol..and make sure u change ur routine every 2 months or so.ur body doesent get use to it..u gotta keep ur body keeps improvin..alrighty...i could say lots more.giv u detailed reasons behind everythin im be a book haha oh ur reps and sets is say dont do more then 20 diffrent exersizes per workout.

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