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Perched high on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi River in the hills near Galena, the resort boasts 19 ski snowboard trails up to 3,500 feet in length and cut through solid rock bluffs to create challenging courses.

A seven-acre all-terrain park called The Farside has its own triple and offers a quarter-pipe, two halfpipes, and plenty of rails, kickers, and jumps for all levels of snowboarder, while an exhilarating 475-foot vertical drop draws adrenaline junkies from around the country.

What happens when boyfriend and girlfriend break up? What happens when children grow up to be jobless adults?

What happens when the people who live with these people or have control over the property they occupy want them to move out?

I regularly receive calls related to family, guest, and roommate evictions.

The people who call me are regularly surprised to find out that they do not have a right to just change the locks on the child or to call the police and have the roommate arrested for trespass.

8700 West Chestnut Road, Galena, IL 61036, 800-798-0098 Fun Weekend Getaways, Wedding Venues & Things to do near me: Chicago, NYC, CA, VT, Newport Beach, Boston, Scottsdale, NYC, CO, Houston, Saratoga, ME, FL, LA, Kansas City, Cheap, TN, Boston, PR, D.

C., from Seattle, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Carlsbad, Phoenix, Fire Island, Nashville, Tucson, Salem, Portland, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, CA, Salt Lake City, Spain, SC, OK Located at 908 Third Street in Galena, the Elihu B.

Washburne House was built in 1845 for local politician Elihu Benjamin Washburne, and it stands today as an outstanding example of the architectural Greek-Revival style.

), this is usually done by way of a thirty day notice to terminate a tenancy.

After the thirty day notice expires, if the occupant is still in possession, an eviction lawsuit can be filed.

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