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Husband always questioned why we had to pay for an outside workshop teacher when we were already paying a teacher.

-- 😊, Tue, Dec 05 2017, " Many 2018 comp dates already posted on FB. Please keep the info coming as early and often as possible.(NT) -- Facebook, Wed, Dec 06 2017, " Fundraisers - I attended my Grandaughters Studio concert recently and after paying what I felt was a lot to see my granddaughter dance. They have been told it's a fundraiser for the school but nobody seems to know where it goes.Does any other school know where the Christmas Concert fundraising funds go?I guess some would travel overseas to compete if budget allows during the summer holidays. We already spend thousand$ for dresses and travel, countless hours training for maybe a high placing at the world's, but in the end even winning it does not help you academically or enhance your career prospects.(NT) -- Just enjoy what we have and not worry about what's going on elsewhere 😃, Wed, Dec 13 2017, " But World Champions don't take six weeks off dancing to relax. I bet Thorpy didn't stop training for six weeks when he was in his prime.

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  1. Ich suche charmante Männer, die ne Lady und eine geile entspan... Möchtest du knisternde erotische Stunden geniessen , dann melde dich bei MIr!!!! Von zart - hart, ob dev oder dom, vieles ist möglich, hauptsache es gefällt.