Most intimidating sports uniforms

And then there’s the fact that nothing about these uniforms evokes the Thunder nickname.

It’d be nice if a team with two of the top 10 players in the league had something nicer to wear.

The Hawks’ uniforms are all new – and all bad – for 2015-16.

Give the Jazz points for, at least, no longer trying to hide their goofy nickname behind snow-capped mountains.That last part means Denver is probably overdue for another overhaul, and that’d be a good thing.This feels like a UCLA knockoff and doesn’t evoke gold-mining as well as the darker gold and blue of the 1990s.The color scheme hearkens to the original Hornets’ 1990s infancy, and it feels every bit that dated despite attempts to freshen it (at least there are no pinstripes).How Hornets owner Michael Jordan – a basketball style icon – presides over colors best suited for 1990s sitcom characters ('Saved by the Bell,' 'Fresh Prince,' anyone? There’s a lot not to like – the color scheme is jazzed-up version of the Knicks’, and OKLAHOMA CITY is too much a mouthful for the first of the jersey, for starters.

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After a dalliance with black as an accent color from 1995 to 2012, the Knicks are back to simply blue, orange and white – essentially the same look that marked most of the Patrick Ewing era. Blue and orange seems a little, well, soft – much like the Knicks have been on the court in recent years.

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