My friend is dating my little sister

But, instead, as I’m admiring her ass, she slips on her swimsuit bottom and pulls it up.I get one last peek at her ass as she grabs the elastic on the sides of her suit and pulls them down to cover her cute round cheeks.She hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slides them down. Bent over like that I can see some blonde pubic hair and just a hint of her pussy lips visible between her ass cheeks.I can’t wait for her to turn around so I can see the rest of her.I tell her I’m going to check the filtration system and will be right in.Instead, I go around the side of the house to my sister’s bedroom window.

My sister is average height with a flat stomach and a body that curves in all the right places.Looking in the mirror, I get one more look at her nipple tipped mounds as she slips her arms in the straps, pulls her swim suit top up over her tits, then reaches inside each cup and adjusts herself. I was so engrossed in watching her change that I didn’t think about what would happen if she saw me coming around the side of the house and I wasn’t even wet yet.She checks herself in the mirror and heads out her bedroom door. Speaking of cuming around the side of the house, that was going to have to wait.I stand there mesmerized as she tosses the shirt on her bed and begins taking her bra off.When my eyes see her creamy white mounds with inch and a half areolas and little pink nipples, my cock jumps, creating a bulge in my swimsuit.

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