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As a result, she has both a human soul and fairy magic.

When you help Tandy finish her quest, you too can beautify all the virtual worlds by placing jewels in Second Life or Open Sim.

Tandy's quest is an easy adventure - you do not need to know how to script, and only basic building skills are needed, but you do have to have good camera control and to be able follow directions.

Tandy can live in Open Sim, Second Life, Inworldz and many other virtual worlds, but you have to come rescue her from my Zip file.

I would like to thank them for their amazing contributions to the Open Source Community.

Without them, this project would not have been possible.

Any other object you care to add to her, like tires, shoes, or that old Linden bicycle you got when you joined can be heaved.

She had a night-mare, caught it and rode the mare away, and is now hiding in my computer.

As a bonus, I am including a new XML-based "Fairy AO" with some sweet animations for hover, flight, and to make her walk and run with her tiny legs correctly.

All these effects work in no-script zones, thanks to my famous anti-no script script.

You will discover a lot of magic while on Tandy's Quest.

Magic things such as how to get free clothes and skins, how to make a magic spell, and how to make a magic wand.

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She has one more impressive talent: Tandy is Open Source, free, and so you can make her and her clothing and accessories for her very easily and use them however you wish.

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