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Obviously, there are many celebrities, even younger ones that have spent more time than Neil Flynn in the entertainment Industry.Nevertheless, he is one of those that have chewed their onions rightly.This wasn’t all because of his acting which was still close to perfect, but also because of his wits and strength of the humor in his lines.Surprisingly enough, or not so, the actor auditioned for Dr.Although an actor and a comedian, Neil’s life has not been as loud as you would think, even though it is interesting.

See Also: Adam Sandler’s Wife, Kids, Family And House A handful of people know him before the Scrubs, but for a majority of us, that was his breaking from the mud house into the glass house of the movie industry.

When Scrubs was cancelled by NBC and subsequently picked-up by ABC, he signed a second position one-year deal for Scrubs season nine, which would have allowed him to continue on Scrubs if his pilot The Middle was not picked up. He has also done voice acting for the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, though he is better known for voicing the popular characters Skidd Mc Marx and the Plumber in the first three Ratchet & Clank games for the Play Station 2.

He also was the voice of a fashion policeman in Kim Possible. As of 2015, he is providing the voice of Chuck, the foster father of the title character in the DC Comics animated web-series Vixen.

In 2008, he worked with Harrison Ford again, playing a suspicious law enforcement official as FBI agent Smith in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Flynn had a minor role in Mean Girls as the father of Lindsay Lohan's character.

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