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If you and your partner share a love of learning, there are many different online courses that you can enroll in together.

So sixteen weeks ago, in the middle of December, I came up with this plan.

My back was toward the road at the bottom of the hill where most of the other people were.

Standing naked in front of the mirror, she put on her lipstick and carefully applied her mascara.

My sister is about 5’7; she’s probably about 135lbs.

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  1. After about two weeks, I finally decided to meet a dominant woman. Any way, we played for a while and she tied me up and whipped me but something was missing. I am in very good shape, know how to fight and am very strong, and I just felt like she did not have control over me. All my thoughts growing up have been about being owned and controlled. So I continued my search in earnest all the while reading more and more about the subject.

  2. Rather than transfer to another precinct, Broderick voluntarily takes a demotion to Senior Detective and partners with Laura, while Detective Billy Soto teams up with Detective Meredith Bose, with whom he has begun a relationship.