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“He had moved on and dating by the time I discovered that I was pregnant and didn’t want to disrupt what they had just because I was pregnant…he started dating while we were not together so it’s all good,” said Pierra.

“He is an amazing man, but I don’t want to confuse my child so I’ll raise her as a single mum then later he can decide what he wants to do.” DJ Pierra is a multi-award winning actress who has also had a stint on radio.

They think they can push me around because I am kind and generous. No one pushes me around because to me the only relationship that really matters is mine with God. I think the first time I was called for a gig in New York. I somehow wanted to be lost however so that I can have a funny story to tell guys.

I just woke up and left without telling anyone and went to New york, knowing no one or where exactly I was going.

And here she walks in, her little flirty dress displaying her adorable bootylicious frame.

She wears a charming smile, the kind that melts the heart.

Expectant Kenyan entertainer Pierra Makena now says she will bring up her child as a single mum, revealing that she had broken up with her baby daddy.

The high-flying female DJ made the startling announcement Thursday morning during a one on one interview with Amina on .

She further revealed that both her and the Baby Daddy are now dating different people.However, in a past interview on television, Pierra disclosed that she would be raising the child as a single mother because she broke up with the unidentified man just before she discovered that she was pregnant.She further revealed that both her and the baby daddy are now dating different people.On a chilly Tuesday evening, the smooth sound of jazz music plays softly at the background of the Terrace bar at the magnificent five-star Villa Rosa Kempinski. It is only five minutes off our slotted interview time with this queen of the decks, Pierra Makena, whose upcoming projects have been causing a stir around the showbiz scene.Besides beiing a DJ, Pierra is moving into TV production and as we would find out, her singing and world tour is around the corner.

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