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It can be summed up fairly simply; in order to successfully court a Filipina a suitor must be kind, loyal, gracious and above all gentlemanly.

A woman looks for a man with these qualities when picking a mate.

He must also show the mother of his potential mate great respect.

It is expected that Filipino men will behave like gentlemen when in the courting process.

They love Hollywood movies, they love Hip Hop music, and they love the sense of freedom that people link to the USA.

In fact, whenever you ask Filipinas about the men they want to marry, they usually answer They don’t care because they want to believe in this ideal image of the land of endless possibilities.

In many parts of the world this type of courtship has been pushed aside for a more modern form of dating, but for many the romantic nature of the Filipino form of courting is lost in translation.

Filipinas are instructed to play “hard to get” to show a good upbringing, modesty and restraint.

Suitors are encouraged to serenade and “woo” their potential mate with gifts and flowers.

They want to believe in their American prince charming who sweeps them off their feet. As long as you are the type of American that she They don’t want an Arnold Schwarzenegger who is killing robots or a Bruce Willis who’s killing everyone besides robots.

They fantasize about meeting Richard Gere in Autumn in New York.

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A beautiful bouquet of flowers before or after each date is considered acceptable forum.

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