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It a nano image, runing on a opnsense appliance box (delivered with pfsense).

I don't know wether you use a nano image or not, but run all of these to be sure even if they throw an error...# rm -rf /var/db/pkg /root/var/db/pkg# rm /var/db/pkg# mkdir -p /var/db/pkg And then again opnsense-bootstrap.

It is very likely that one can run into it with all pkg-based firmware solutions. Can you provide output of the following command:# df -h Was the card preflashed or did you do this yourself? There are a multitude of issues, worst case the nano images have a integrity problem, but let's take it one step at a time. The bug you describe is a sqlite database corruption that causes a Free BSD 10.2 tool to refuse operation. I'm not sure why the tmpfs is so low, are you using advanced features such as the proxy server or intrusion detection?

That was sovled by deleting the /tmp/opnsense-bootstrap folder, think there was leftover from the first attemt.

I am testing opnsense on my small home box, before changing the production boxes. Try to bootstrap the whole system again by issuing:# opnsense-bootstrap The side effect is that it'll automatically upgrade to the latest version and also preserve your previous settings. Now the opnsense-bootstrap command could continue, and began updating, but died while unpacking the openssl package (have tried that many times when I updated from stock 16.1 to 16.1.2). 16) in file pkgdb.c:1705: database disk image is malformed Your database has been trashed for some reason or another. Next it failed because of not enough space in the /var folder (a tmpfs drive on 19mb) and the space needed was way above the total space, so I created a symlink in the subfolder used to new folder on the main drive.pkgng 是 Free BSD 10.0 開始才有的套件管理機制有鑑於 Free BSD 9.1 上的 “pkg_install EOL is scheduled for 2014-09-01” 訊息不斷跳出來提醒 …終於決定開始著手轉換至新的套件管理機制方法參照:5.4.Using pkgng for Binary Package Management Free BSD 8.4 以後的版本可以直接執行(更早的版本需手動安裝ports-mgmt/pkg): Bootstrapping pkg please wait _http._

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