Polynesian girl dating

They can be his brothers,relatives close friends or men he has invited to join him.

On the hand the girl is expected to serve the kava to the group of men that come to her house that evening.

They are well known as the founders and heart of Polynesia.

In the olden days it was a normal practise for the man to go the females home and ask the parents,mainly the father if he could come in the afternoon. If the father agreed then they would arrange the time suitable for him to come over.

Female are highly ranked and respected in my Tongan society by men.

Alot of priviliges were given to the female gender which was passed down to their children.

The coconut shells are scraped and cleaned before using it.

The number of coconut shells depends on the number of men present at her house.

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Traditionally the girls home should have the kava bowel and coconut shells ready for the kava party.

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