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Innovative / unique features include an "all-in-one" user interface without needing to draw out the pipework scheme, a "grid wizard" option to automatically calculate the most remote / favourable design areas and show the Qcap/Qmax graph and easy to follow results presentation.Full hydraulic calculation of sprinkler and spray systems to the European EN12845 / CEA Rules in metric units.Does not need to produce a drawing as most Reviewers / Inspectors still insist on seeing your sprinkler layout drawings so have to manually match them with the hydraulic calculations.A standalone program for the calculation of the Qcap and Qmax values for the Installers Pump Data Sheet as the EN12845 and similar Sprinkler Rules in the same format as EASYSHP, so can also be used with HYD and older programs that do not include such an option.Calculation of hydraulically designed sprinkler (room design and area/density methods) and spray systems to the NFPA 13/15 and FM Global Rules in metric units.

FREEHC is a new, comprehensive and completely free "Windows" program for the full hydraulic calculations of all types of fire sprinkler protection systems to most countries rules and languages as follows :- AACALC12 is for the Pipe Schedule sizing method in NFPA 13 directly from your CAD drawing to produce a materials take-off quantities list / estimate in metric units only.

See the CAD2HCP program above if you prefer to do the CAD drawing first.

Click here for tutorial [24th January 2013 - about 9kb - just "Save" it to somewhere on your hard disk]. RTF file so users with HD screens can just reduce the width of FREESHP and have WORDPAD or similar running alongside, making it easier to step through the various options and see the program in operation.

Another program called CAD2ENRULES (see #3 of 22 below) which makes your existing hydraulics program obsolete by carrying out all the most remote / favourable design area calculations to the EN12845 (and similar) Rules from just the information on your 2D CAD sprinkler layout drawing ...

FIRSTHCP is simple "point and click" drawing program for first-time users to the NFPA 13 / 15 Rules and dating from March 2017.

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