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I filled them in on my clients and what was going in those companies. I also did not share in front of the girls that I had met with their dad (Catherine's ex) or leased the house or bought the two view lots.

After dinner, Isabella took the girls to the hotel gift shop and Tom, Catherine and I had another glass of wine, finishing the second bottle and enjoying the view.

I started drinking and questioning my faith, asking why God did this to me.

I didn't sleep, couldn't eat and was going to hell in a hand basket.

Catherine asked me, "Jack, can you please share with us what all you have and do, business wise? Like most places in California it's over valued but for arguments sake it's worth a million.

I bought a house nearby but in a different city about a month ago that's worth half a million.

He's kind of old school that way." I asked her "What did Isabella say to you when you told her? She said her prayers had been answered for me and her granddaughters. She loves you Jack, she knows you're a good man and will be a good provider.

She also told me we would make beautiful babies together." I kissed her and said to Catherine "It'll be fun making them won't it?

It was a little bit like that movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks.

And, there will probably be more of those coming into my sales funnel." This was what Catherine was teasing me about the night Gloria got sick and Cynthia got on the bus. The waitress came by and Tom said to her "Another bottle please." We were drinking Silver Oak Cabernet. Tom cleared his throat and said to us, "Jack, you have a lot going on and if you'll pardon me, maybe you're a bit too spread out." I laughed and replied, "Tom, I know I am but it's by design.

When my wife passed I was so lost I didn't know what to do.

There's a mortgage on it of about ,000 and I'll pay it off by the end of the year.

Just before that I picked up a three bedroom town home about a mile from my house for 0,000.

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When I cleared customs in Montreal I was surprised to see Catherine and her entire family waiting for me. Isabella kissed me on the mouth again and Tom pumped my hand like I was his best friend.

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