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Such a mindset overlooks the fact that where modern science deals with origins, it is based on strict naturalism (the humanistic view that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural, not supernatural, causes and laws).

Unfortunately compromise of this sort means having to continually change one’s position to keep up with evolutionary pronouncements.

They accepted a relatively young age for the Biblical Adam (if they retained belief in him at all), but said that the ‘old’ human fossils came from pre-Adamite human-like creatures. He writes: “[M]y acceptance of Adam and Eve as historical is not incompatible with my belief that several forms of pre-Adamic ‘hominid’ seem to have existed for thousands of years previously. It is conceivable that God created Adam out of one of them. I think you may even call some of them The late Anglican cleric John R. Stott (1921-2011) unfortunately believed that God could have created Adam out of some supposed pre-Adamic ‘hominid’.

(Stott was one of the authors of the Lausanne Covenant, and in 2005 Pre-Adamism has thus been used by some Christians to try and harmonize science and the Bible.

Could there have been human creatures, commonly called ‘pre-Adamites’, living on Earth before God created Adam?

This requires Ross to postulate the existence of creatures with human-like characteristics, but ‘spiritless’ (see Skull Wars). According to Ross, because the world was a place of death, violence and decay for hundreds of thousands/millions of years before the Curse recorded in Genesis –19.However, in doing this, Stott and his fellow-thinkers not only add something to Genesis that is not there (i.e.pre-Adamites), they also deny Genesis 2:7, which specifically says: “The LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground”—the very dust to which Adam would return after God had pronounced the death penalty for sin (Genesis ).He also believes in the same general sequence of events and the same order of appearance as evolutionists.Although he believes that God made Adam from the dust, he also accepts the evolutionists’ long-age interpretation of the fossil record.

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Pre-Adamism thus became the scientific justification for slavery, and a defense for racism.

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